I'm a politics reporter for the Mirror. Based in London, originally from Sheffield.

Particular interests include US politics, human rights, technology and surveillance.

In my spare time, I drink coffee, read, play video games when I should be at the gym and post pictures of real world clothes that look like Star Trek uniforms on Tumblr. 

My special skill is being snarky on the internet.


A pound shop Carl Bernstein
— Overheard in the newsroom
He is the dead weight dragging you all down.
— Harry Cole - Westminster Correspondent, The Sun
Unfortunately, Mikey only succeeded in embarrassing himself
— The Sqwawkbox blog



University of Sheffield

BA (Hons) Journalism Studies
MA (Merit) Politics

NCTJ - Preliminaries

Media Law, News Writing, Portfolio, Public Affairs


Social Media

Twitter, Tweetdeck, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Storify, Tumblr, Flickr (Advanced) 

Graphics and page design

Adobe InDesign, Digital Publishing Suite, Photoshop CS6 (Intermediate) 

Content Management Systems

EScenic, Contentwatch, Wordpress, Joomla, Squarespace (Good) 

Coding and Data

HTML, CSS (Good), Javascript (Basic), Scraping and Google Refine (Basic) 

Video Production

Camera operation & editing, Final Cut Pro & IMovie (Intermediate)

Audio Production

Adobe Audition CS6, Burli (Good) 


DSLR photography and editing, Aperture (Intermediate)